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Dreadnought V1 FAQs

Dreadnought V1 FAQs

Is my Dreadnought compatible with the new SRAM Eagle Transmission?

UDH Dreadnought frames are compatible with the new Eagle Transmission (MY23 Dreadnought Blue Heat and Stealth frames). Reach out if you have questions: contact@forbiddenbike.com

What are the recommended suspension settings for the Dreadnought?

Please see our “Setting Up Your Dreadnought’s Suspension” page for details.

What is the max tire width I can run?

29er 2.6” but we recommend running a 2.4” rear tire.

What fork travel does the Dreadnought use?

Our bikes come with 170mm fork but you can use a 160mm minimum up to 180mm maximum as long as the axle to crown is 593.7 or under.

Can I run a dual crown fork on my Dreadnought?

Yes, provided the axle to crown measurement is 593.7mm or under

Can I run a longer stroke shock on my Dreadnought to get more rear wheel travel?

We do not recommend that you increase the eye to eye or the stroke length. Doing so would void your warranty. The reason being that increasing the stroke would result in a greater freedom of movement of the rocker. Therefore putting the system at risk of hyper-extending/over-rotating and locking out the linkage. Increasing the eye to eye would result in interference between the rear and front triangles when static/full extension.

Can I run an oval chainring?

Yes, but only specific brands that allow you to rotate the chainring to the correct position to line up with where the chain exits the idler and contacts the chainring. Also note that on an idler based drivetrain, an oval ring will lengthen and shrink the chain as you pedal, causing additional movement to the rear derailleur to absorb these changes during pedaling.

How is the Dreadnought different from the Druid?

With an additional 24mm of rear travel and slacker geometry, the Dreadnought is intended for more aggressive, gravity focused riding.

Can I run my Dreadnought without a lower chainguide?

No. Drivetrain manufacturers require a minimum amount of teeth to be in contact with the chain. Having the lower guide makes sure that there is additional bite on the chain when you are pedalling hard.

Can I use the Ziggy Link from my Druid for my Dreadnought?

Yes, the Ziggy Link can be interchanged between the Druid and Dreadnought for those wishing to run the mixed wheel option.

Can I swap parts from my Druid to the Dreadnought?

Many of your Druid parts can swap over to the Dreadnought; wheels, seatpost, cranks etc… You do require a new rear shock, and we strongly recommend a larger, longer travel front fork. It’s also worth noting that the two bikes do share the same rocker and pull link, however some of the hardware does differ. Please see exploded diagrams for details and specific part numbers.

Can I store my water bottle/pump/spare tube on the bike?

The Dreadnought offers a storage compartment by the bottom bracket and space in the front triangle for a water bottle and mountable accessories.

Can I use this as my one and only bike or is it only for shuttling?

Depending on your region and the trails you ride, the Dreadnought can be your one bike. Although it is intended for steeper, larger terrain, it still can pedal and climb efficiently to keep up during your group rides.

What does a Dreadnought weigh?

The frame without a shock but with all hardware, chain guides and frame protection weighs 3.35kg – size medium

What shocks are compatible with the Dreadnought?

We do our best to ensure most shocks will fit on the Dreadnought. Double check the specification before purchasing a shock that is not already an option from our website. Shock dimensions need to be 205mm Eye to Eye and 65mm Stroke. The Dreadnought uses a Trunion mount.

Will there be an aluminum version?

Not currently. The frame design of the Dreadnought is specifically engineered around carbon fiber as the manufacturing material, and the same design may not translate to different materials.

Will the Dreadnought come with a shuttle guard?

The Dreadnought comes with a rubber shuttle guard that you can install on the downtube to match your truck’s tailgate.

What sort of rider is this bike for?

The Dreadnought is for the rider constantly looking to improve and better themselves on the rowdier terrain. The rider that doesn’t mind being a bit slower on the climb but wants to be first on the way down. When you ride the black diamond trails in your local network and look forward to those summer trips to bike parks, or shuttle missions.

What is the correct chain length for the Dreadnought?

Your chain length and the size of your front chainring can also affect this process. We recommend fitting your bike with the appropriate length chain based on your frame size and a 32 tooth chainring and a cassette with a 50-52 tooth upper sprocket. For more details on correct chain length, please visit our Tech Support page and click “Maximizing Gear Shifting Performance”.

Why does my chain touch my rubber seat stay protector?

You will find the chain contacts the rubber seat stay protector in the hardest gear on your cassette. This is normal and won’t cause any damage that will affect the performance of your frame.

What is the optimal or maximum chainring size?

Thanks to Forbidden’s high pivot design, chainring size has little to no effect on suspension performance, but each frame size has a maximum chainring size which are: 30, 34, 36 and 38 on the small, medium, large and X-large respectively.