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Supernought FAQs

Supernought FAQs

Where can I find Supernought Technical Specifications?

Supernought technical specifications can be found on our Tech Support page.

What is the Recommended Sag?

We recommend 28-30% sag. This equates to 21 – 22.5mm of shaft insertion.

What is in the box?

Frame kits include 27.5” and 29” ‘0’ position dropouts.

What spring weight does the frame ship with?

S1 ships with 300lb/in, S2 350lb/in, S3 400lb/in and S4 with a 450lb/in

Can I run an air shock?

You can! For wider compatibility we’ve increased spring clearance in the shock tunnel as well as headroom between the shock reservoir and downtube. Please contact us directly for tuning advice (contact@forbiddenbike.com).

What are modular dropouts?

Supernought utilizes our modular dropout system, shared with Dreadnought. This allows for adjustment of rear center length to fine tune rider weight balance on each axle, we call it Bias Adjust. Supernought frames ship with 2 sets of dropouts for both 29” and Mixed wheel (29 front, 27.5 rear) set ups.

Can I run a MX (Mixed) set up?

Yes, Supernought V2 frames ship with ‘0mm’ position dropouts for full 29 and MX set ups. +/- 10mm for MX and +10mm for 29 are available separately.

Can I run a 29” wheel in the -10mm dropout position?

No. Running a 29” wheel in the -10mm dropout will result in inadequate tire clearance for mud and debris.

Can I run dual 27.5?

Yes you can. However, it should be noted that your BB height will be reduced.

27.5 forks can be used too, as long as the axle to crown doesn’t exceed 611mm

What is the maximum rear tire width?

2.6” (maximum width of 66mm at the widest part of the tread)

What drivetrains can I run on the Supernought?

Supernought is optimized for all downhill specific close ratio drivetrains.

Why does it have an idler?

The idler is a critical component in our Trifecta suspension system.

Learn more HERE

Can I run a single crown?

Yes you can. 27.5 forks can be used too, as long as the axle to crown doesn’t exceed 611mm

Can I install a dropper post?

Supernought is designed as a downhill bike.Therefore there is no internal routing through the frame for dropper post cable and housing.

What headset spec does Supernought use?

Supernought uses SHIS spec ZS49/28.6 upper and EC49/30 lower cups.

What bottom bracket spec does Supernought use?

Supernought uses a BSA 83mm threaded bottom bracket shell.

What rear hub spacing does Supernought use?

Supernought uses standard boost rear hub spacing, 148mm. Standard boost spacing with an 83mm BB spacing provides an optimal chain line for the more outboard, small range DH cassettes.

What is the warranty period?

On all frames manufactured after October 1st, 2022, we offer a lifetime warranty to original owners for manufacturing defects.