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Druid V2 FAQs

Druid V2 FAQs

What is the recommended sag?

We recommend 32-35% sag. This equates to 16 – 17.5mm of shaft insertion

What’s in the box?

In a frame kit box, you’ll find a a derailleur hanger and axle, cable port covers, hardware, and a shuttle guard. In a complete bike box, you’ll find Tubeless sealant and an AXS battery charger(on axs equipped bikes) as well as some additional tools and a shock pump to help get your bike ready for the trails (on direct website orders only).

Can I run a coil shock?

You can! For wider compatibility we’ve increased spring clearance in the shock tunnel as well as headroom between the shock reservoir and downtube. Please contact us directly for tuning advice (contact@forbiddenbike.com).

Do I need a lower chain guide?

No. One of our design goals for Druid V2 was to remove the necessity for a lower guide.

Can I run mullet?

Yes, we offer both Druid frames and complete bikes in either full 29” or MX wheel specs. You can choose at the point of ordering with your local dealer.

Can I run dual 27.5?

Yes you can. However, it should be noted that your BB height will be reduced. 27.5 forks can be used too, as long as the axle to crown doesn’t exceed 571mm

What is the maximum rear tire width?

With a 29” chainstay: 2.5”

With a 27.5” chainstay: 2.6”

What drivetrains can I run on my Druid?

Druid is equipped with SRAM’s Universal Derailleur Hanger. This allows fitment for all modern drivetrains.

Does each frame have its own size chainstay and seatstay

No, we use the same chainstay and seatstay across the size range. We achieve proportional sizing, with different chainstay lengths, by adjusting the location of the bottom bracket relative to the pivot points on the front triangle. For more on our “One Ride” geometry story, please head to our Technology pages for the lowdown.

Can I run a Rockshox ZEB or Fox 38?

Yes, as long as the axle to crown doesn’t exceed 571mm

Can I run a longer stroke shock, 52.5mm or 55mm stroke?

Running any components that are not originally intended for use on the bike will void your warranty. This includes a shock with a longer than stock stroke (stock stroke = 50mm). A longer stroke shock will result in insufficient clearance between the seat-stay bridge and seat tube during bottom-out condition, failing to meet our minimum clearance requirement. Cycling the suspension through its travel might make it appear that there is sufficient clearance, however, this does not account for the compression of the internal bottom-out bumper.