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One of the most character defining features of the Forbidden Druid and Dreadnought is the idler pulley wheel, performing a vital role within the Druid’s and Dreadnought’s Trifecta suspension system and as such, here are some tips to keep it running smoothly.

Just like the cassette, chain and chainring, the idler pulley is a wearable piece of your drivetrain and proper care and maintenance will extend its life.

Please follow the steps below for proper disassembly and reassembly of the idler pulley hardware:

Step 1

Flip open The upper E*Thirteen chainguide and remove the chain. With your 5mm allen key, remove the screw holding the idler in place. Be aware that the shaft is keyed into the back of the upper swingarm/ seatstays and you’ll want to make sure it remains flush in its housing as you unthread the screw.

Step 2

Carefully remove the idler along with the rear spacer and with a cloth, wipe down and clean off any dirt, grime and old grease. Check for teeth wear and feel the bearing for smoothness. You can reference the below images to see part numbers if any of your idler parts require replacing.

Typically the bearing will wear in tandem with the idler itself and we sell these as complete kits. Idler wear rates will depend on how often you ride and the trail conditions you ride in, but regular cleaning and maintenance will increase the lifespan of your idler wheel and bearing.

Step 3

Once everything has been wiped down, you can re-pack both sides of the bearing. Don’t worry about adding too much at this stage.

Step 4

Reinstall the spacers (with the bearing retainer clip facing outwards) and wipe away any excess grease that may ooze out from behind the spacer and screw head.

Step 5

Reinstall the idler double ensuring that the shaft is sitting flush in the upper swingarm/ seatstay – we strongly recommend keeping a finger on this as you tighten the screw (please refer to the photo below). The torque value for the idler mounting screw is 10Nm.

Step 6

Give the idler a spin and you should feel a bit of fluid resistance as the grease settles into its home. Reinstall the chain and take note that the idler has narrow/wide teeth so you’ll have to orientate it to the corresponding links in your chain.

Step 7

Close the E*Thirteen upper chainguide and give the system a final pedal to ensure everything is working smoothly.

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