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Step 1

Using a 4mm Allen key, remove the old fender. Clean the area under the fender and between the front and rear triangles.

Step 2

Fold the length of foam into a U-shape and slot it into the gap between the front and rear triangles.

Step 3

With a 4mm Allen key, install the new fender. Use the slotted holes to allow the fender to be centered relative to the seat tube. The fender also interacts with the derailleur cable housing to hold it in place.

Record your starting air pressure, then deflate your shock (if applicable) and cycle the bike through full travel to ensure there is no contact between the fender and the frame.

WARNING: It is very important that you ensure the fender does not contact either side of the seat tube on the front triangle. If you find that the fender contacts the frame, adjust the position of the fender left or right to create clearance. If your fender does not allow for clearance, please do not continue with installation – instead reach out to your local dealer or send us an email at: contact@forbiddenbike.com

Step 4

Before fully clamping the fender down, it is key to ensure that the derailleur cable housing is pulled tight and follows a straight path from the top tube down to the driveside seat stay.

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Feeling nerdy?